The lost wax casting
process is used to
transform wax models
into gold or
silver jewellery
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Miniature Sculpture in Wax and Carving
Wax Models is the specialist skill of Jeanette Corona .........

Jeanette, born and bred in Cape Town South Africa, has specialised in carving miniature sculptures and wax models for the jewellery industry for almost fifteen years.

Sculpture has always been her first interest and even as a child her talent was evident. Many hours were spent moulding figurines and animals in modeling clay. In later years she progressed to carving in various materials such as wood, soapstone and wax. Clay and wax models were also cast into cement and resins.

Jeanette studied Graphic Design at the Technikon in Cape Town. As well as the commercially orientated subjects she enjoyed the sculpture, drawing, pottery, and textile design.

For many years she followed a career in packaging design as well as specialising in the more technical aspects of finished artwork. This was followed by a few years in the advertising industry. She decided to return to packaging design and eventually started her own business working from her studio at home.

She still had a keen interest in sculpture and began carving miniature wax models part time. She was commissioned to produce a series wax models of African animals for a well known jewellery manufacturer in Cape Town. This range of exclusive jewellery was aimed at the South African tourism market and proved to be very successful. Over the years her ‘wax carving hobby’ has expanded into a very interesting and enjoyable second career.

Jeanette Corona has a particular interest in nature and loves sculpting wax models of animals but is very versatile and can produce wax models of any subject and style be it realistic or stylised, designing an original model as per the clients brief.

She will supply preliminary working drawings of the model design before proceeding with the final wax model. Photographs, sketches, original pieces or existing wax models can be used as reference to create the final carving. Jeanette will also carve reproductions or adaptations of existing pieces and jewellery.

If you require any further information please email or telephone Jeanette.